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Freedom Day

40th Anniversary

1979 - 2019


Freedom Day 40th Anniversary

Freedom Day is the anniversary of the withdrawal of the British troops and the Royal Navy from Malta in 1979. On taking power in 1971, Dom Mintoff as Prime Minister of Malta, expressed his desire to re-negotiate the agreement Malta had with the United Kingdom. Following several discussions, a new agreement was signed and on the 31 March 1979 the British Defence Treaty came to an end and the last remaining British Forces left Malta. The main events of the activities that generally commemorate this historic event take place at the Freedom Day Monument at Vittoriosa, whereby prominent dignatories present flowers which are ceremoneously laid at the foot of the monument.  In the afternoon the traditional competitive regatta is hosted at the Grand Harbour. 

2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of Freedom Day and FCN deemed it appropriate to ask the owners and producers of Ġensa to present a new edition of the musical for this occasion. Ġensna, which is synonymous with this day will be held at The Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta on the 30th & 31st March.  FCN has also commissioned a 60-minute documentary, which will be produced by Jackie Mercieca.  The documentary, which will be aired by PBS in March, shall present an intellectual analysis of the events tied to Freedom Day.  It will analyse the international circumstances that gave Dom Mintoff a position of strength in his negotiations.  It will also explore what impact these circumstances had on Mintoff’s thoughts and actions in his battle for Malta’s freedom.

Gensna poster.jpeg

MFCC - Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre

30-March-2019 to 31-March-2019

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