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Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of The UN Declaration of Human Rights

‘Fondazzjoni Celebrazzjonijiet Nazzjonali’ (FCN) was entrusted with the commemoration of a series of anniversaries of National importance. To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, FCN have published a book titled “The UN Declaration of Human Rights – 70 Years On”. The book consists of a collection of articles edited by Professor Raymond Mangion that argue about the progress made by humanity in the field of human rights during the past 7 decades, which as described by Professor Oliver Friggieri in his foreword is “a significant contribution to the subject”.

A copy of this book was presented to Her Excellency The President of the Republic and to the Prime Minister of Malta to mark this special anniversary.

The core objective of this publication is to not only remember this historical event but also as a reminder of what this Declaration was all about and to encourage reflection on how this Declaration impacts the everyday life of each and every human being.

In order to make this publication accessible to everyone FCN will be distributing copies of the book to all libraries across Malta and Gozo, all local councils, The University of Malta, MCAST and all secondary schools. In his comments on behalf of FCN, Albert Marshall said that “this publication serves as a platform for FCN to promote elements in our society that are culturally enriching and inclusive.” FCN invites the general public to borrow a copy of the book and read it to appreciate and understand what the Declaration of Human Rights is still doing for us 70 years on.

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